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21 March 2010 @ 03:19 am
Sunday, August 1st, 2984
Delhi, India (Lyon, France)
02:48 (22:18)

He didn't remember falling asleep, but he must have at some point. Catoir awoke at his desk, raising his head that had been resting on the book he had been reading. Fixing his glasses, he squinted at the clock. 2:48. It was really that late already? And there was a ringing... where was the- oh there it was. He reached to the other end of the desk and picked up his phone. He frowned. An unknown number in the middle of the night. Wonderful. He still wasn't fully awake, but he lifted the device to his ear. "Hello?"

"And here I thought you would be one of those people that let voicemail do the answering!" That voice. He knew that voice.


"So how are things going for you?"

"....How did you get this number?"

"I have connections with the Connections Department! Not that I couldn't have just gotten it from your sister or your friend."

"They don't have this number," he sighed, leaning his head into his palm. They didn't have the number for a reason. Catoir didn't expect to hear from the king again so soon, let alone near three in the morning. Maybe that said something about the time zone. Hanging up on the old man did go through his mind, but the chance to also gain some information outweighed the option. "But you found them then?"

"Of course! It was easy! In fact that's what I'm calling you about. We should probably meet soon."

"Why? You said I had six months to fill all of the positions."

"Well, yeah, if you took that long. Unless you mean you don't have them filled yet? Because, you know, I had that taken care of a week ago now."


"Yeah, like I said: it was easy! Are you at least halfway there?" He called to brag. That had to have been the only reason.

"Why would I be when you gave me a ship that's impossible to find?" Catoir seethed, doing his best to keep his calm.

"I warned you that I hadn't seen it in twenty years." He hadn't seen it in twenty years? No. No. No he was not told. Keeping calm would not be happening.

"No, you didn't!"

"Oops. Anyway, that shouldn't stop you from finding people to join you."

"Well, sorry that I'm not going to pick the first four idiots I pick off the street in the city that I'm stuck in now!"

"Four? Really? You're that behind and you don't even have a ship?"

"It's not that easy!"

"It is for me."

"Who could you have possibly gotten that quickly?!"

"Hmm... Well, I had my ship, your sister and your friend Jonas joined. Your brother shot me down though, so she asked to bring her friend Lise to fill his place. That was a great coincidence, because I asked good ol' Percy to help me pilot the Baron. You know the Duke, don't you?"

"Yes, we've met on several occasions..." The European Duke Percival. Yes, he remembered. He remembered meeting him through his grandfather and through Lise. The memories of the man troubled him, but at least he knew that Lise would be completely incompetent. "What of your bishop and knight then?"

"Oh, I just asked one of my guards to go with me for my knight and brought along a friend's daughter for my bishop. Her uncle is one of my head chefs back in Rome. She's a bit small, but she's a good cook at least!"

"...You appointed someone to bishop just because she's a good cook?"

"Why not? I still need to eat!"

A simple castle guard and a small cook. He couldn't help but be irritated. After all, he didn't need that old man to go easy on him and he certainly didn't want him to. Even after what happened was the king really just trying to lose?

"You're an idiot."

"Ah, la pluie de tes injures n'atteins pas le parapluie de mon indifférence! Comprends-tu français, Catoir?"

"Ne me telephonez pas!"

Catoir slammed the lid of the phone shut and took the battery out. Maybe he should be one of those people that let voicemail pick up the call after all. He stumbled over and flopped down on his bed with a sigh. This was not the time for indifference.
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