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13 November 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Monday, November 1st, 2984
Oran, Algeria

It being Ayn’s nineteenth birthday, plans had been made between the slightly older members of the group to head out that evening for a nice dinner. It was a rare chance to go out for a quiet and peaceful evening. Between almost freezing to death in the north, being banned from Tibet, and getting imprisoned in the Americas, there was little opportunity to just enjoy themselves without worry of suspicion. To further insure that peace, the adults of the group decided to make the event adults only. They had nothing against Roch or Zoné, but a whiny prince who could not be pleased and a loud idiot got tiring from time to time.

Roch was a little miffed at first, but he was understanding on the matter. They wanted to go out and have dinner. No big deal. He claimed that he hadn’t wanted to go anyway even though that was only most of the truth. Instead, he chose to spend the evening on the couch to catch up with whatever television show he had missed in the past week. Which... didn’t really leave much room for option. He already spent a surprising amount of time loafing around on the gray couch of the ship’s makeshift ‘living room’, flipping through the channels on the makeshift ‘television’. It could easily have been thought of as one of his favorite hobbies, next to sewing beautiful things no one would ever wear.

Zoné, unfortunately, did not take the news nearly as well. “Can you believe it?” He complained, still pacing back and forth in the living room twenty minutes after they had left.

“Believe what?” Roch asked with little interest.

“They just go out to dinner and leave us behind!”

“It’s not really a big deal. It’s Ayn’s birthday, after all.”

“So what?!”

“It’s not that weird to want to do something nice for someone on their birthday,” Roch pointed out, still not caring. “You didn’t complain when anyone did anything for anyone else’s birthday.”

“No one did anything for my birthday,” he said with a childishly pouty expression. The dark-skinned boy ceased his pacing. He crossed his arms and dropped onto the couch with the other boy.

“When was your birthday?”


Roch tilted his head in consideration of this new information. That was certainly new news to him. There was a small tinge of guilt for not knowing about it, but at the same time he was rather annoyed. And, yeah, logically it made more sense to be annoyed at that moment. “I don’t feel bad then! You didn’t say anything. How were we supposed to know?”

“Catoir is my brother! He knew... Or he should’ve known.” The younger of the two let out a heavy sigh, wishing he could just ignore the other. Back on the oh-no-my-brother-hates-me subject. The issue would come up from time to time, and Roch got a little sick of it. At times he would be bothered by the fact that he had no siblings of his own, but all he had to do was talk five minutes with Zoné to remember why he should’ve been thankful for that fact. However, he put down his work. He sat up and nudged Zoné in the side with his elbow.

“Do you want a hug?”

Zoné squinted suspiciously, surprised at first, and then disgusted. “No!”

“Do you want some popcooorn?”

That offer took a little more thought. There was a long pause before he slouched over the arm rest and focused on the ceiling. “...Yes.” As if he could say no to food.

“Yeesh, it’s like making a five-year-old happy,” he mocked in a more playful manner. Zoné let out a noise of irritation, but didn’t bother arguing with the comment for once. A smile crossed Roch’s face as he stood and walked to the kitchen’s doorway. “Crappy ninja movie marathon on later if you wanna watch with me!”

“Sure, why not?”

Two and a half movies later, the rest of the group finally returned to the ship to find a pillow fort built in their living room. No questions were asked.
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